Educator’s Ag Institute 1.0
June 25-29, 2023

Educator’s Ag Institute 2.0
(for teachers who already attended 1.0)
June 28-30, 2023

The PA Friends of Ag Foundation Educator’s Ag Institute provides a unique learning experience for PreK-12th grade formal educators, pre-service teachers and informal community educators. The Institute provides educational tours at Penn State University as well as local family-run farms where you will learn valuable information from those involved in agriculture including farmers, university professors and agricultural leaders. The learning experience also includes hands-on classroom sessions that cover topics such as plant and animal production, agricultural research, PA state education standards, ag history, and current/future farming trends in the agricultural industry.

Keep checking back for information about 2023.

Educator’s Ag Institute will provide you with:

  • An increased knowledge of agriculture
  • First-hand experiences with agriculture on field trips to local farms and agricultural industries
  • Lesson plan ideas and activities that are applicable to many subject areas you are teaching on a daily basis in your classroom
  • Resources and a network of people to assist you in bringing agriculture to your classroom
  • 25–27 Act 48 credits (will need a valid PA PPID)

Educator’s Ag Institute will prepare you to bring agriculture to life in your classroom and across your curriculum. It is a standards-based program that makes real connections. Teachers use the information they’ve received to integrate agriculture and information about the earth’s natural resources into their curriculum. Many educators form lasting bonds with other educators, which extends the idea sharing as they go forth to bring ag into their classrooms!