2024 Ag Literacy Week Kicks Off

2024 Ag Literacy Week Kicks Off

The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation kicked off 2024 Ag Literacy Week today, March 15, with a special reading event at Wellsville Elementary School. Vice Chairman, Tommy Nagle, along with several Gifford-Pinchot FFA students, read the book of the year: Anywhere Farm by Phyllis Root. They also helped the students at Wellsville complete a “Garden In A Bag” activity. Thanks to the York County Agricultural Society, their entire school district was able to give books to every classroom.

The local FFA students also brought a petting zoo to the school for the day, and several antique tractors and other farm equipment. They were delighted to share their experiences and firsthand knowledge with the younger generation.

Ag Literacy Week will officially begin on March 18 and end on March 22. During this time, many volunteers from communities across the state will visit classrooms and other student groups to read the book and talk about local farming. Nearly 2,000 books will be presented in classrooms in Pennsylvania this year.

Ag Literacy Week connects volunteers from the agricultural community to local classrooms to share the story of agriculture. Readers who participate in Ag Literacy Week will have the opportunity to talk about farming and agriculture through the book they read as well as sharing their own story about farming, agriculture programs they are involved with or their connections to agriculture.

After their reading events, the community members will donate the book and educational activities to the classroom to be used throughout the year and with future classes.

“It’s really important to get in front of these kids and not only tell them about farming, but show them what a real farmer is like,” said Nagle. “Giving them the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about it is invaluable for the future of agriculture here in Pennsylvania.”
The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation’s 2024 Ag Literacy Week book, Anywhere Farm, allows children to explore the different options where one can plant a farm.


From a box or bucket to a pan, almost anything can be turned into a home for green, growing things. Windows, balconies, and front steps all make wonderful spots to start. After all, anywhere can be a farm, all it takes is one small seed and someone to plant it.

This heartwarming book helps children of all ages appreciate the importance of farms and encourages them to find their own way to contribute to agriculture.

ABOUT THE FOUNDATION: Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation is a charitable organization supported by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. The Foundation has been educating the public and promoting agriculture, the largest of the Commonwealth’s industries since its inception in 1986. To learn more about foundation programs, go to www.pfbfriends.com