Ag Literacy Week Signup Ends Soon

Ag Literacy Week Signup Ends Soon

Ag Literacy Week Signup Ends Soon!

All registrations for Ag Literacy Week are due by January 10, 2023 (Next Tuesday).

Pennsylvania Ag Literacy Week focuses on connecting volunteers from the agricultural community to local classrooms to share the story of agriculture. Readers who participate in Pennsylvania Ag Literacy Week will have the opportunity to talk about farming and agriculture through the book they read as well as sharing their own story about farming, agriculture programs they are involved with or their connections to agriculture.

Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation invites all members of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry to join with us to celebrate Ag Literacy Week in Pennsylvania. By becoming a reader, you can help us share the story of agriculture and teach students about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives.

This year’s book: The Day The Farmers Quit

Written by Autumn Pequignot, and Illustrated by Kate Fallahee

The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation’s  2023 Ag Literacy Week book, The Day The Farmers Quit is an encouraging story of a boy that learns he can’t live without the hard work of his farmer friends.

You won’t believe what this young boy wakes up to in his community when Farmer Bob and his farmer friends decide to take a vacation.  He panics when he realizes the farmers and all the things they provide are gone.   Find out how this young boy sets out to save his town and get the farmers to return from their vacation.

This heartwarming book helps children of all ages appreciate the importance of farmers in their community.

Author Autumn Pequignot is a public-school teacher in Virginia with a passion for agriculture in her classrooms. After starting an “Ag-venture Day” at Lacey Spring Elementary School, Pequignot connected with local farmers and learned just how important their role was in the community. She gained the inspiration for this book shortly afterward, in 2019.

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